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Advice from my father

Posted on 28 April, 2015 at 2:50

This past weekend, I drove down to Hampton to visit my father.  He has, for my 50 plus years, always been embarrassingly proud, and supportive of me, despite there being no reason for either emotional state on many occasions.  Regardless, his unyielding optimism about me was, as always, a restorative tonic, better than a gin and tonic on a 90 plus day.  I asked him to look over my website, and, after grumbling about witchcraft, and other nonsense, I finally got him to review the site.  Everything went fairly well, until we got to this page.  I hate to write it, but I forced this nice man to read every one of my blog posts.  At the end, eyes bleeding, and begging for some sort of medicinal elixir, he said that while he appreciated my writing style (I told you he was senselessly supportive of me), he did not think that the subject matter would elicit much interest.  I responded that I had written about an attractive young legislator being led astray by wanton corporate interests, and the rape of constitutionally protected rights by a wrong headed law.  Dad countered, that the way I had written about those topics, while factually correct, could drive the sin out of Sodom.  I reread the posts, and have to agree with him.  I was obviously writing to my internal nerd.  I have always enjoyed the law and the way that it worked, protected, and confounded our existence.  Good law has destroyed tyrants, and freed men.  Law is the tipping point between freedom and anarchy. 

Rereading the last couple of sentences, I understand what my father was talking about.  I have a tendency to wax poetic about anything that stirs up my gray matter.   You, gentle reader, to steal a line from Stephen King, are not looking for poetry.  I will try, in the future, to write about things more substantive.  I will try to write about slip and fall accidents, dog bites, car accidents, and great big semi trucks rolling over tiny little motorcycles, or of ATVs sailing off into the ether.  

My father's advice might choke off the poet inside me, but hopefully, in the more sensible topics that I will be writing about, you, gentle reader, will find an answer.

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